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Breeze Touring SUP

  • Length: 11'6'' 
  • Volume: 220L
  • Width: 31''
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Deep grip handle for easy carrying
  • Comfortable and durable traction pad 
  • Pointed nose makes this board ideal for touring
  • Bungee for securing gear
  • Great board for beginners
  • Fin included

The rail tape on this board adds additional durability with a strip of PVC rubber to absorb paddle dings and impacts.  With generous width for a touring SUP (31”), the Breeze provides plenty of stability for beginners looking to enter the SUP market in the touring category, at an attractive price point. The piercing nose shape will eat up chop for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and cut through morning glass like a knife through butter.  Looking to eat up miles on your SUP along a rocky coastline and not be worried about dings? The Breeze is the board for you!

Note:  The piercing nose and ample rocker keep the nose of your board up in chop and allows you to get up to planning speed with no plowing. Tie down points on the deck allow for gear stowage. Suited to beginners up to 250 lbs / advanced up to 280 lbs.